Saturday, September 27, 2008

Poisonous Nuts and Bow Ties

You know how if you're a Herbert, you're probably Welsh, or late most of the time, or a Scotch drinker? Well, if you're a Betz, you're likely to be a Buckeye, a huge fan of The Ohio State University.
Last time Chip and Diana were in Columbus (or maybe a couple times ago now) Diana and Andy talked about a bow-tie shaped flag to hang at the Betz OSU tailgate spot. Diana may have mentioned that she'd sewn some golf course hole-marker flags, and Andy must've realized Diana could sew flag-type material, and an idea was hatched. I recall the conversation beginning at Mom's house, over questionable cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, with sketches on yellow legal pads, next to a list of all the addresses where Uncle John had ever lived... and then the idea was revisited more recently at El Vaquero, our favorite local Mexican restaurant, over chips and salsa and queso - definitely not questionable - and some napkin mock-ups were involved.

*Some background here, for Herberts who may not be Buckeye fans or who may not have heard of Gordon Gee (Gee like "geek", not like "gee whiz".) Gordon Gee was the beloved president of OSU in the late 90s, early 2000s, when Andy was in college there. Gee left, and tailgating, among other things, changed, a lot (most significantly, for the Betzes anyway, was that the new president cracked down on drinking... like even if you were 21 and behaving responsibly, you could be arrested for drinking at tailgating.) Gee returned to OSU last year, and is known not only for being very visible on campus and loved by students and staff, and for being less stringent about responsible drinking, but also for wearing bow ties.

Last week, we received some color swatches in the mail, with instructions to approve the most accurate shades of scarlet and gray. Mere days later, we found this "prototype" in a package slipped through our mail slot.

Today, we took the prototype to tailgating, and gathered some feedback from focus groups; Diana sent a spreadsheet with questions and options regarding the flag, and we tried to address all of her concerns. For example, yes, the flag does flap and furl in the wind. And yes, the craftsmanship is impeccable. And yes, the striped pattern in perfect - it matches one of the ties Gordon Gee wears often. Andy's favorite part is that it's a flag that looks like a bow tie - it's not just a flag with a bow tie on it, folks, it really, truly looks like a bow tie.
We will send feedback to Diana this week, so as to make minor adjustments for a perfect final product (althought the Betzes would be proud to continue to hang the prototype). Kate and I were wishing, as we talked over the phone this evening, that we had half the energy (and talent) that Diana has...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer Days in Seattle

Hey all, it's been awhile since I (or anyone for that matter) have posted. My apologies, but I'm back! What are the rest of your excuses??

My mom and dad visited me up here in Seattle this weekend and we had a great time. We visited one of my favorite Indian restaurants on Friday night after they arrived and made it an early night since we had a big day of sight-seeing to do the next day.

On Saturday we started with a lovely breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe I drove them down to base (McChord AFB) and gave them a tour of my squadron and a C-17. Then we cruised back up north for a little football party my friends were having, where my parents finally got to meet some of the amazing people I hang out with, and my friends finally got a little peek at how I turned out the way I did...everyone had a fun time as usual, with lots of beer, bourbon, and champagne flowing, despite Air Force losing a close match to Utah. We finished the day at a really great restaurant in West Seattle called Salty's, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect as we ended up with a table right on the water with an incredible view of downtown. All-in-all, an awesome day.

Sunday was great as well, starting out with a walk through Seattle University before breakfast, followed by a bus ride over to Pike's Place Market. It was fun to watch the fish guys to their thing and browse the enormous supply of flowers, fresh produce, and various other wares. Afterward, I gave them a short driving tour of Lake Washington and several Seattle neighborhoods before we toured Stone Gardens, my rock-climbing gym, and the Lake Washington Ship Canal, which had actual Salmon in the fish ladder! Soooo cool. We finished off the weekend with a nice lunch at Norms, a super-cool bar/grill that lets you bring your dog INSIDE!

Anyway, tt was sad to see them go, but wonderful to finally show them Seattle all the same. So, if any of you are ever around, I'll make sure we have some fun up here too. And, yes, we DID get some pics, but they're all on my Mom's camera, so maybe she'll make a post and put some of them up. Take care everyone!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Living it up in Santa Barbara!

Hello everyone! Sebi and I have settled into Santa Barbara...

I got started on my six month contract at Cottage Hospital, found a yoga studio, and most importantly - found the farmers' markets! Kingsolver's "Animal Vegetable Miracle" was recent inspiration for being more of a locavore, and it's just too easy out here. There's a market close by nearly every day of the week.

I've been working a ton but the picture is of the Channel Islands - where we sailed out to go on a day hike last weekend. This is a beautiful place with lots to do!

Have to send a quick Happy Half Birthday to my sister -- since her real one keeps getting usurped by births and major weather :)

Love to you all,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dispatches from an Air Mattress in Jersey

Hey fam!!

Judson here.
How in the world did I end up in Jersey, you ask? Here's the scoop:

So I graduated in May from BGSU with plans to move to NYC and participate in the teaching fellows program. I got to Brooklyn, where I had arranged to sublet for the summer, and kind of realized that I REALLY wasn't ready to go back to school. (The program was half teaching...half being taught). SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, relying on my 10 years of foodservice skills I landed a serving job at Gramercy Tavern at Park and 20th in Manhattan. Lovely area, great place to work.

So, my sublet in Brooklyn ended and I moved across the Hudson to Jersey where I cohabitate with three lovely young singles like myself. Thanks Craigslist!!!

When not working I am exploring the city and catching up with some friends from college who have found themselves here too. AWESOME. I even made it to the beach for Labor Day!

Hope all is well for everybody!
Cant wait to get visitors....but let me get some furniture first!

Besos y Abrazos,
Judson "Whoops, I changed my mind at the last minute" Morrow