Friday, May 1, 2009

Almost Famous

This week, Tucker and I shot an instructional DVD for a new breast pump. Through my agent, who usually helps me find voiceover work, we were chosen for this on-camera spot. And boy, did we learn a lot! Andy came with us to the set both days, to take care of Tuck when he wasn't in a scene (although the craft services ladies and the makeup and prop stylists coddled him much of the time) while Celia stayed with G'Ro. All three of us were exhausted at the end of each day. We have a new appreciation for real actors, directors, camera and lighting and makeup and prop guys and gals... Who would've thought that you could spend an hour opening and closing a freezer door, shooting the same thing, wide and tight, from four angles? But there were numerous bennies on set, too -- craft services was delish, someone else chose (and ironed!) my clothes, and I got paid!
Because the video demonstrates new technology, and because I signed some nondisclosure paperwork, I can't go into much detail, nor can I share photos.

So instead we'll share another recent photo of the Herbert Family's newest little Thomas: