Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meet Dr. Hugh Herbert

Greetings Herberts and Herbertians!

A few years ago while researching the Herbert family history in Wales, I met several cousins of ours across the pond, including Dr. Hugh Herbert. He is descended from Daniel and Eliza Herbert, whose graves some of us visited in Lledrod, near Tregaron. Dr. Herbert was born 04 Feb 1922, and is the oldest living Herbert descendant I've found.

I've spoken to Dr. Herbert via email, voicemail and through another cousin of ours (Jenni Hyatt) who occasionally visits him. After finding him, Chip and I started sending him a little something on his birthday and at Christmas to let him know he's loved by his American cousins.

Today while ordering Christmas gifts, I did a little double-check to ensure I had the correct format for his address (it's a road without a street name or house address)...and lo' and behold look what I found. A YouTube interview of him!

Check it out at the following link:

A Herbertian And Proud Of It