Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Newest Herbertian

I confess I can't recall when the phrase was coined, but I'm certain Andy Betz was at the epicenter. Those who enter this clan by birth are Herberts; those they marry are Herbertians. Herberts by marriage. We Herbertians must stick together, help each other, and provide coaching and guidance as we weave in and out of Herbert Land.

Our newest Herbertian is Jill Farrand, new bride of Dale Millns, III. They were married this past weekend in Shelby Township, Michigan, and I can safely report she is by far one of the most beautiful Herbertians I've ever seen. I wish I'd taken pictures...but alas, the camera I'd so carefully laid out was resting comfortably on my dresser drawer throughout the weekend.

So take a moment today and imagine a beautiful, slender, smart and charming blonde bride on the arm of Dale Millns, III, and welcome the newest Herbertian into our hearts and minds.