Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So there was a request for "the" story, which I'm more than happy to share. :-)

As you can see in the picture above, Cory and I are wearing BRIGHT orange jerseys. These should not be confused with the Auburn jerseys, which I would never wear. These are actually throwback Broncos jerseys that they wore through the 1996 season. Cory is from Castle Rock, so he is a huge Denver Broncos fan. I had to work part of Thanksgiving, so we stayed in Tucson for the holiday. We spent Thursday night watching the Broncos beat the Giants, and then Friday watching the Iron Bowl and Alabama go 12-0 for the second straight season. We were both pretty excited about that. During the week he'd found the John Elway jersey he's had since he was 10, and he mentioned that he really wanted another one that fit him today. I told him that I would buy it for him as an early Christmas present, so we braved the mall on Black Friday and bought the jersey. He was so excited and accordingly, we both wore the jerseys around that night.

When we got home, he asked me if I wanted one of my presents early. I replied that that would be cool but I also really love opening presents on Christmas day, so I didn't mind waiting. He let it go, but then later that night, we were watching an episode of The Office where two of the main characters get married. He looked at me and asked me what he could say that would be really romantic. I said, well if I tell you what to say, it's no longer romantic, but I love you is a good start. He then told me that he loved me, that I was beautiful, that he was so excited to be with me, that he loved that I love watching football and spending time with him. Then he kissed me said, "That's all" with a smile on his face. Then, after the final wedding scene of The Office he looked at me and said, "I want to marry you." I kinda looked at him and said something like aw, that's sweet. Then he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. What's funny is that when I saw the ring I tried to take it to get a closer look at it, and he said, "no, no, you have to give me an answer first." Of course I said yes, he gave me the ring, and we were both thrilled.

I was wondering why he'd chosen this particular moment to propose, which he then answered. He said that he'd had the ring since before I moved down here in August, but he kept trying to think of the perfect moment. The more he thought about it, he wanted to propose in the setting he was the happiest with me, just spending time together on the couch. While it wasn't an over-the-top situation, it's still incredibly romantic to me. I hope you all think so too. (And the ring is gorgeous!)