Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet Ethan Thomas Warner


Andy and Jenni said...

Dear Diana, Queen of Genealogy, can you please explain the Herbert connection to this handsome little guy?

Diana said...

OOOH, this is BIG fun.

Ethan Thomas Warner, son of Brett and Jennifer (Smith); grandson of Kathryne Evans (Millns); great-grandson of Dale and Jane Millns.

And just like Celia and Tucker, Ethan is a 4th great-grandchild of John and Jane Herbert.

Ethan is cousin to Celia and Tucker; officially, 3rd cousins once removed. Not to be confused with Jenni and Kate (Gills) relationship to him: they are Ethan's 2nd cousins twice removed. (That's because Jenni, Kate and Jennifer Warner are 2nd cousins once removed).

There will be a short quiz following the break...

Andy and Jenni said...

Oh! I think Jane took Andy and I to meet Jennifer (if she was the one who was a camp counselor near their condo in the late 90s). Thank you for sharing the photo of sweet little Ethan!
PS, please don't quiz me.